A creative
and dynamic

With a specialization in woodworking, Ébénisterie G.D. Pro Inc. is passionately committed to providing top-quality products and exceptional services to its clients while respecting the deadlines of each contract.

At Ébénisterie G.D. Pro Inc., we believe that collaboration and advice are essential to meeting our clients' needs and establishing a relationship of trust. Therefore, we take great care to work closely with our clients to guide them in the development of their project.

In addition, our company has a clear vision of the need to preserve the environment and is therefore committed to constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of the materials, equipment, and tools we use. At Ébénisterie G.D. Pro Inc., we are convinced that our commitment to the environment is essential to ensure a sustainable future for our clients and for the planet.

ESTim Laureate 2009

We are honored to be the recipient of the prestigious ESTim award for Project Investment, presented by Investissement Quebec. This esteemed recognition is the culmination of a competition that celebrates exceptional success and endeavors to promote a sense of pride and belonging within our community.

At Ébénisterie G.D. Pro Inc., we strive to distinguish ourselves through our commitment to excellence, and this recognition underscores our unwavering dedication to our craft. We remain steadfast in our resolve to push the boundaries of innovation and continue to make meaningful contributions to the growth and prosperity of our region.

RBQ contractor's license

Our Story

Ébénisterie G.D. Pro Inc. embarked on its journey on September 1st, 1990, with a team of merely four employees in a modest 6,000 square feet workspace. In a span of three years, the company scaled up its operations and the workforce, which marked the beginning of an upward trajectory for the organization.

In 1997, Ébénisterie G.D. Pro acquired a state-of-the-art facility at 300 Dickson Street in Montreal, catapulting the workspace to 26,000 square feet. Subsequently, two significant expansions in 2001 and 2007 further propelled the organization's growth, providing over 75,000 square feet of factory floor space, storage, and designer and administrative offices.

The company's technological evolution commenced in 2000 with the acquisition of its first computer numerical control (CNC), and the modernization drive continued in 2007 with the induction of cutting-edge equipment such as digital panel saw, digital edge bander, and a second CNC. The innovative approach continued in 2009 with the integration of five computer numerical controls, including one with five axles.


Presently, Ébénisterie G.D. Pro Inc. boasts a team of nearly forty adept employees, dedicated to delivering exceptional services to our valued customers. Our dynamic and innovative team takes pride in their work and are committed to upholding the company's legacy of excellence.

Since our inception, our production activities have predominantly centered on the commercial and industrial sectors. However, at Ébénisterie G.D. Pro Inc., we are constantly on the lookout for new challenges, leveraging our ingenuity and innovative spirit to exceed expectations.

The superior quality of our newly developed products has only served to reinforce the company's sterling reputation.